Thursday, July 5, 2007

Why I do what I do ~

"These portraits are fabulous! We couldn't be more pleased. And quite apart from the excellent photos, everyone commented on how wonderful you were personally as you interacted with everyone. You were so patient and flexible in coping with our delays, disorganization, etc. We are very grateful. We'll definitely recommend you to anyone in Utah who needs a photographer!"
~Kurt Kearl
"The Darling Kearl Family"

Just wanted to share this, I think it must be one of the nicest compliments I've ever gotten~ Ever :)


Amanda said...

Hearing people love say they love your work always makes it worth it!!!

Christie said...

what a wonderful compliment! i don't have a biz yet so i can only imagine how that feels. :)

to answer your question, this is how i make my storyboards.

open a new document in photoshop and choose the size, 10x20 or whatever, choose your color, white or the background color.

bring up the pictures you want and select>all for each picture. (there's a ps command for this, don't know it though).

then click move, move the picture into the storyboard doc. it helps to click view>grid lines so you can line them up easily.

to move the pictures around, you just go to each layer to move that picture.

i'm SUCH a beginner at storyboards.