Sunday, March 30, 2008

Addison 7 Months

I haven't done a post in black and white for a while so I figured I would do this one in all black and white.
I have been lucky enough to take Addisons first year photos, including before she was born with a Maternity shoot!
This family is just darling and have been very supportive of me and so great to refer me to their friends and family!
Thanks Suzanne!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Snow girls...(I figured this would be a perfect post today~) It's SNOWING AGAIN!!

This is my friend Jamee and her mom and sisters~ I did this shoot before I left for Love Affair workshop~ Here are a few from their shoot~
Thank goodness this snow has finally melted!! YAY!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Oakleys Headshots

Here are 2 of Oakleys headshots~ She is trying out for High School Musical 3.
Goodluck Oakley!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Erin, Emily and I played with the fisheye lens at WPPI on Tuesday ~ Here are some of the shots we got...
Erin and Emily...Taken by me...

Me...Taken by Erin...

Erin and I...Taken by Emily....

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Courtneys Maternity

You would not believe that she is due in 2 weeks!! She is so tiny~ My gut is bigger than her cute pregnant belly!! :)
Isn't she just a darling pregnant lady!
Congratulations Courtney and Nate!! I can't want to meet little Naomi....
You both will be amazing parents!


WPPI and Vegas~ Here I come!
I will be attending WPPI this year~ It will be my first time and I am so excited!
I will return on March 20th~

Friday, March 14, 2008

A day in the life....Ryan Family

I love it when people want to capture life...The way it really is~ Last October I went to the hospital after Samuel was born and shot all of the new moments and Samuel meeting his older brother Gavin for the first time...
This shoot ~ Jen wanted me to capture some of the things from their daily life...Samuel trying solid foods, Gavin pushing Kozy Kart (the little red and yellow car) and drinking hot chocolate, with a spoon sometimes :) Jen working on the compost for the worms...Watching Thomas the Train and playing on the bed together ...
Spotting airplanes....etc....etc...
It was such a fun shoot for me!
Thanks Ryan Family for letting me capture these moments for you!!

How do you shoot...And Edit??

Do you shoot RAW or JPEG?
How do you do bulk edits? Lightroom, CS2, CS3??

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Google READER anyone...???

Ok so if you don't already have a google account, you need to get one!! Especially if you are a Blog Stalker, like me.... :)
You can put all of the blogs that you look at every day (100 times) in a list and everytime that someone updates their blog it just compiles them all together, so you can then click on "all new" and view every current post from all the blogs you check~ and it is just one right after the other!! It is almost like checking one blog by scrolling down but it is everyones ALL NEW POSTS!!! :) So you don't have to continue checking someones blog 10 times a day to realize they did not post anything and be disappointed everytime :)!! If they post it will be in your list!!
TIME SAVER!! I always love those!! Oh and that is another thing that
Rebecca taught me!!

Photo of me ~ from the workshop!!

My bunkmate Rebecca is a great photographer and ended up being the teacher to everyone who stayed in our house!!!! She helped the rest of us so much ~ We wanted to try out our lighting skills and so we practiced on each other.
~Thanks Rebecca!! This is Rebecca...

Here is the shot she got of me...(I never like photos of myself but this one is fun)

More from the Workshop

Here are a few more photos from the workshop~
We had such an amazing time~
There was an incredible lighthouse that we got to go inside of. I just ran in there for a minute and took some pictures of the inside. And then a few of us grabbed some of the models and took them inside to these great windows and got some shots of them! Everyone was getting ready to leave and we seriously thought we might get locked inside!!