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I was tagged by Amanda~
It is something that is going around all over blogs ~
I have to write 8 interesting things about myself and tag 4 more photographers...
How hard it is to own 8 interesting things about yourself......I have been putting this off, but figured since some of the people I tagged have already put theirs up I better get to it!!
1. I am addicted to greeting cards!! I buy cute boxes of greeting cards any time I see them. I have more cards than I will ever be able to send in my entire life, but I buy new ones everytime I see some that I love :)
2. I am a Scuba Diver!! Something that I never thought I would ever do ~ And for some crazy reason, 2 years ago we decided to get certified. I was terrified!!! Our first Scuba trip was in Kauai, Hawaii and the whole ride over to the Dive shop I could not speak, my hands were so sweaty and I was sick to my stomach~ The second we hit the water it was like I was meant to be there!! I LOVED IT!!! We ended up diving almost every day of our trip!! Now we plan vacations just for diving!! :)
3. We have 3 dogs, 1 cat and 1 snake (I know... I am not a big fan of snakes either but my husband has had the snake since he was 15 years old).
4. My husband and I got married barefoot on the beach in Hawaii in January 2006, I did not worry about one single thing. We bought gorgeous flowers from a guy selling flowers out of buckets on the side of the road. There were only 12 of us, his dad performed the ceremony and our moms and his sisters all read poems, it was the perfect day!!
5. I love design shows on TV!! If I ever get the chance I watch them!! I photographed a wedding on Saturday, so yesterday at about 2pm I just layed and watched hours of back to back episodes of Design Star :)
6. My husband and I met in a Photography class 2 years ago. It was a darkroom class. Film and all!! My mom met him first actually. I took the class with my mom and the first day of class was a Jack Johnson concert so I could not miss that, so my mom met Jed before I did.
7. Even more of a cooincidence...My brother taught High School in the 90's and Jed was actually in my brothers class! It was a very cool class where they went to places like Goblin Valley and they went skiing (I have never been skiing with my brother)! Small world!! So technically mom brother and my mom met Jed before I did!
8. And last...I still have a full time job~ I am an Office Manager at an Auto Body shop. I am so busy with Photography that I cannot keep it all up and I am just waiting for the right time to quit my day job! YAY!! :) I will update you when I do get to leave here!! Wish me luck that it is sooner rather than later (Maybe after our other home sells ~ Yikes on 2 Mortgages)
Thanks for checking out all of my "interesting" facts!! Not sure they are very interesting but what do you do... :)

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Isn't she just a little doll!
I took Suzannes Maternity photos about 2 months ago and here is little Addison...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Maya and Jada

I know, I know~ I had too many favorites ~ Sorry for so many photos!
If you can't tell ~ I have a problem deciding ~ :)

Tiffiny's Maternity