Saturday, January 26, 2008

Monday, January 21, 2008

Bethany Won!!

So that was so fast~ See the post below for a very short lived contest :)
Congrats to Bethany for winning a $25.00 gift cert to the place of her choice!!
Yes it was TOM HANKS ( I could have died!I didn't even know I would be star struck but I was)!!!
A bunch of others...
2 more last night too!! Well maybe 3...
So I will post photos later tonight or tomorrow!!

Guess who????

OK, so this weekend has been crazy and the most celebrities I have ever shot in one period of time, and maybe in my life all together...
The first person who can correctly guess the MOST famous of the people that I shot will win a $25.00 gift certificate to a place of your choice! I have to put a time limit since I am dying to post some of the photos I have taken!! :) So you have until Wednesday at Midnight~ I will let you know who guesses correctly as soon as they do~ You can post your guesses in the comments section!
Happy Guessing!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


I think I am finally caught up for posts from 2007~ There are a bunch of new ones...Including one from The Sundance Film Festival a ways down....
I have a contest coming....Stay Tuned...

Van Vleet Family

Here are just a few from the Van Vleet Family~ These were taken around Thanksgiving~But now I think I am all caught up for 2007! YAY!!

Trevor and Sierra

A few months ago Sierra contacted me because Trevors mom wanted some photos of him, so we planned it for when it was Snowy, during that time we emailed so much and became friends, we have met them for dinner and brunch etc... We got together to do their photos before we left for Hawaii~ it was FREEZING COLD!
Here are a few from that shoot!


Isn't he a doll~
I am so excited because I get to photograph his first year of life ~ She bought the First Year package that I offer and I just love that so that I get to see them grow and change over their first year!


We were hoping to do the shoot somewhat outdoors, but it SNOWED So much that morning that it was scary to drive~ But after we did a bunch in my studio we went outside and the snow and taken a break so we were able to get a few outside too. Isn't that little sled cute!! She brought it as a prop, and I just loved it!

Everest Kids

This is from around Thanksgiving~ Oh wow, I slacked pretty bad on my blog~ I am almost all caught up now...
This was a gift for their parents~ They are all in College, two of them are out of state...
They were so cool to work with!

Carissa's Maternity

I know the first one doesn't show her pregnant belly, but I had a set of wings that matched her tattoo, and I thought it was cool :) This shoot was in December as well~