Thursday, February 12, 2009


I am really excited about WPPI this year!! I cannot wait to meet some of my blog photographer friends and see the new things at the tradeshow and learn from amazing photographers!!
If you are there this year and want to meet up for coffee of something, email me!!
I will be gone from Sunday through Wednesday!


Nichole said...

I want to go so bad maybe next year!

Misty said...

I'll be there to. Maybe we should meet up!

Shellee Draper said...

Tiffany! I just wanted to tell you how much fun it was to see you in Vegas. It was funny that we are so close to the same age. When we turn 60 I'll let you know how it is a couple of months before you hit it!~ We need to stay in better touch. Hope you had a great time, sounds like you were enjoying yourself . . . I can't remember when you said you were coming home but I hope you have a safe trip! Love ya,