Thursday, September 25, 2008

Incredible exhibit!!!

Currently in Salt Lake City
I cannot put into words how incredible this exhibit is~
Plasticized human bodies ~ You can see so much of the inner workings of the body~ If you are in Utah you NEED to see this!! I know they have more exhibits so if it is in your area or comes there I highly recommend it.
No cameras are allowed so I do not have any photos to post but click on the links and check out what this is all about!
I am so glad that Salt Lake gets things like these!! We live in such a cool city~
Let me know what you think and if you end up going I would love to hear what you thought of it.


Sally said...

I really want to go to this! My friend works there and she said I may not want to go because I am pregnant. But I would hate to miss out!

Misty said...

I went to the one in Chicago. Awesome!! Very cool.