Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Jesse and Lindsey

This wedding was this past Saturday ~
I have 2 slide shows to post because the brides darling dad sang a song for her~ What their family likes to call "The Rubber Chicken", when someone pulls out a rubber chicken at the most uncomfortable time to embarrass someone else...Although this was nothing like that...This was one of the sweetest thing I have ever seen at a wedding. So this has it's own slide show.
The bride and groom are such a darling couple~ Here is their slide show!
Here are a few stills also~
(PS. After watching a slideshow hit the back button to come back to this page).


Anonymous said...

I love #7! Great job on all of these, what a sweet day you were able to capture.

Jinksee said...

It looks like such a beautiful ceremony. Great job! :D

erin kate said...

very nice images! i love her flowers!

Jennifer said...

oh wow these are all excellent and so beautiful, I really like your creativity with the detail shots!

Amanda said...

Amazing shots! I love them all. What can I say, you are awesome!