Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bridal Locations in Utah County???

Does anyone know of any good bridal locations in Utah County (Aside from Thanksgiving Point).
If so, please send me a comment with the info and directions :)
Thank you!!


The Shaws said...


There are some gorgeous family stables down in Provo that I have always thought would be a cool place to take Bridals. They are a neat family, but I don't even know if they would let someone come do that...I can't imagine why not.

It's called the Melville Training Stables and the phone number is 226-3180. It's right off the freeway on Sandhill Rd (just East off University Parkway)

Jason Lanier said...

I have family in Utah and I travel there all the time. When do you need ideas by? I shoot a lot of photography in Provo so I am sure I can think of something.

Angie Penrose said...

Now I am not a regular down there, but what about at one of the campus'? They might have some cool buildings to shoot by. That's the only place I could think of. :)

nicole said...

I do not know Utah County very well... but I have been to downtown Provo and it has a cute historic feel to it. There is also Sundance. They may have restrictions though.

There is alway the good old temple and I have heard of Bridal Veil Falls but have never been there.

Just some ideas... Good Luck and can't wait to see the pics.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, Utah Lake, at the west end of Center street, (literally the end), in Provo, costs $8 to get in as a picnic. There are rocks and waves and a good sunset.

Rebekah Westover and Portia have used the Hari Krishna Temple in Salem, south of Spanish Fork as a super sweet location, donation required.

The State Mental Hospital is at the east end of Center street, in Provo. It has a castle for theatrical productions in back. They charge.

Kate Benson uses orchards all over the valley.

I have used the Provo City Library, inside and out, no charge.

I would love to update my Utah County list as well.

Let's all try and avoid the beige arches of Thanksgiving Point, shall we?

Becky said...

The Provo river trial is also very pretty in the fall.

Kristy said...

I use the Provo City Bldg on University Ave. Also the Train Tracks in Spanish Fork. Orchards on Center Street in Provo (near 7 peaks)

Anonymous said...

Historic Provo is really beautiful and has that vintage feel to it. Utah Valley University has a very green (when its not winter) lush campus full of modern architecture so that could be an interesting spot. Straight up past the provo temple there is a park/look out area that is way beautiful at sunset with the whole valley lit up. best of luck finding places.